US 1 Golf Center

U.S. 1 Golf Center is an extraordinary driving range for just about anyone that loves playing golf. If you are the type of person that wants a really good, fully equipped golf course near me and which appreciates high quality golfing experiences, this is definitely one of the better options you can find out there. It’s certainly a creative option and one that you will like a lot because it’s convenient and very professional. If you live in Rockledge FL or you just want to enjoy playing some golf in there, then the U.S. 1 Golf Center is a very good option. It’s comprehensive, unique and it has all the features you expect as well as so much more in a creative and stellar package.

Large facility with extraordinary features

When you visit the U.S. 1 Golf Center you will like the fact that they bring in a very large driving range. Since you want to improve your play and become better and better at this game, it’s important to have a large place where you can test out and practice. The U.S. 1 Golf Center offers a stellar golf range with great features and you also have a learning center here. Having a learning center is very helpful because you have club fitting and you get to learn new skills and even practice more than ever before. This is certainly a helpful option and one that will make your experience a lot more rewarding all the time.

One thing to note is that this driving range also has equipment demo days one a week. You can access these and test out the equipment or see if it will work for you. That certainly delivers the value and quality you want, so the results themselves will be among some of the best every time. It’s well-worth the effort.

This driving range was opened in July 1988 by Mike Warobick, which is a PGA professional. Initially it was a simpler facility but it expanded and it became a full service golf practice facility with extraordinary features, great options and tremendous attention to detail. It really shows how much they chose to invest in this business and it definitely delivers due to that.

Maybe one of the most important things about this driving range is that it has a dedicated golf clinic for juniors. If your kids are passionate about golfing, you will find this to be one of the best ways to help them train. Plus, they can learn new techniques, test out new ways to play and so on. It’s exciting and the prices are very low, especially when it comes to helping kids learn how to golf. They are even providing kids with a drink and a snack after they play. That alone, combined with the numerous features in this facility really makes the experience very rewarding and exciting at the same time.

Professional staff

At the U.S. 1 Golf Center you can find professional staff that will help you learn how to play and make your gameplay experience a lot better. You have Ben Rotgers which is a PGA golf professional and the owner himself which can bring in some helpful tips to make your play better. Not lots of driving ranges have a PGA professional that you can learn from, so it makes a lot of sense to check these out and see what they can do for you and also what you get to study to improve your play.

Dedicated golf programs

At the U.S. 1 Golf Center you can access multiple golfing programs to suit your requirements. First, you have the regular group or individual lessons provided by PGA professionals. There’s also a program named Get Golf Ready in 5 days which focuses on professional training shared for 5 days so you can improve how you play naturally. On top of that, they are also offering a Monday Ladies Clinic designed for women that want to learn how to improve their golf play while also relaxing and enjoying the experience. You can pay $25 per session or you can go for $80 that covers 4 prepaid sessions. You can even pick certain dates that are available in the calendar.

And as we mentioned above you can also find the Demo Days. Aside from that you have the club fittings and junior clinics. All of these provide a great experience since every player category can get better at the same and just enjoy the experience as they see fit. It’s important to note that you have a dedicated professional helping you with the gameplay itself, something that does help a lot especially if you’re new to this.

Benefits you receive at the U.S. 1 Golf Center

Here you have 18 lighted mat tee stations. You also have a 75 yard wide grass tee area. Then there’s the 240 yard to the 50 foot high net and you can even test out your skills as you try to hit the Schlenker van at 140 yards.

Some of the other highlights would be the fact that here you have a set of prepaid range programs that start at $50 and these come with no time restrictions. Kids can play if they want, either with or without an adult, depending on the situation.

Should you play at the U.S. 1 Golf Center?

This is a very good golf center and one of the best in the region. They are widely known for the high attention to detail, high quality play areas and the very good and professional coaching you receive here. It really delivers the outstanding results and experience you need while also making the process very convenient and easy to enjoy.

Whether you are an expert golfer or a newcomer, the U.S. 1 Golf Center is a wonderful facility for you to enjoy. It’s a pleasure to play and the programs you can find here will make the experience very impressive and rewarding at the same time. Check them out and see if they suit your golfing needs and requirements!

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