What should you know about the 21 Golf Driving Range?

21 Golf Driving Range is a very popular driving range for people that want to play golf or improve their golf technique. The driving grange is found in Palisades Park, NJ, and it’s very easy to access. But the best part about this golf driving range near me is that it offers amazing features, lots of services and one of the best golf courses in the region. You even have dedicated programs for kids, so that alone is very exciting and interesting.

Getting to the 21 Golf Driving Range

Right off the bat, you will notice that the 21 Golf Driving Range is very easy to access. Since the driving range is in Bergen County, right off the Route 46 West, it’s a lot easier for customers from all over the tri-state area to access this location. You can come and leave as you please and it will give you an extraordinary experience without any worries.

Driving range features

What we like about the 21 Golf Driving Range is that it’s designed with the idea of bringing in great value and quality. It focuses on value and quality, and at the same time, it strives to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Which is a good thing, because you have all the necessary tools and quality at your disposal, which is what matters the most.

They have a dedicated, fully automatic ball tee-up system which features a one-stop check-in. This helps a lot because it makes shooting balls a lot easier, and you can enjoy a seamless driving range golf experience. It’s also important to note that the putting areas are easy to access too, and combined with these unique systems you get to play golf at a high level without that much of a problem.

At the 21 Golf Driving Range, you can also find climate controlled multi-tiered bays as well as an outdoor putting and patio areas. Which means it will be very easy to figure out where you want to play and how you want to do it, since you have immediate control and access to all features you need without any worries.

This golf driving range near me goes even further by providing you with family-oriented amenities. Even if you come here to test out and improve your golfing experience, you also have a dedicated facility with great activities for the entire family. They have a bakery here, spa and sauna, conference room, pro shop, restaurant and a juice bar too. You will enjoy your stay here even if you’re not a golfer and you just arrived with a friend.

Great outdoor putting area

The main advantage for the 21 Golf Driving Range is that it has a stellar outdoor putting area. This is found on the second floor. It converts into a great outdoor banquet facility if you want to host a private event here. But the best part is that you arrive here, you can refresh and improve your golf skills. A lot of people will go for the multi-tiered and climate-controlled bays, but the outdoor putting areas are just as sought after due to the authenticity, value, quality, and amazing attention to detail. All of that adds up to provide you with a great set of results.

Another thing to consider is that the 21 Golf Driving Range partnered up with the Kenny Jung Golf Academy so you can easily enroll your child into a dedicated golfing program. These programs include summer camps, golf fitness, winter training, after school activities, and so on.

Facility amenities

There are 54 bays with mats, and they also provide accurate yardage measurements on tees to targets. Even if you go with the outside option, you can still have covered areas, which is always a plus. The 21 Golf Driving Range uses only synthetic putting green.

You even have lighting for night use and a short game practice area if needed. At this driving range you have 3 types of range targets, these include fairway cuts, flags and target signs for 50-100-200 yards depending on the situation. It’s nice to know that they also have a PGA professional instructor.


When you go to the 21 Golf Driving Range, you can choose one of the many price rates they have. You can pay either per the number of balls or how much time you can play. 30 minutes/80 balls will cost $10, 60 minutes or 130 balls will be $14 and 90 minutes or 180 balls will be $17. Prices are subject to change, however they are quite affordable, and you see they provide an amazing return on investment for the money. They do have a ball special where you get double the amount of balls you paid for the same price, but this happens sparingly during the week.

They also have a membership option. You can pay monthly, yearly, or for every 3 months. The monthly price is $170, 3 months will cost $500, and for 12 months you pay $1500. If you become a member, you receive your own locker, and they are also providing discounts on field lessons and sauna.

Should you go to the 21 Golf Driving Range?

Yes, this is an amazing driving range with astonishing features and great attention to detail. It delivers tremendous results, and the value itself is among some of the best every time. The prices are fair, although you would get the best value if you become a member. The facility itself is easy to get to, you receive plenty of amenities in there as well. And the overall golfing experience is peaceful and fun here. The fact that they also have professional instructors ready to help you boost your game is always a plus. It all comes down to how much you want to play golf, but in the end, this is a great place for beginners and experts alike. If you’re in the New Jersey area, this is one golf driving range you do not want to miss!

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