Diversey Driving Range

The Diversey Driving Range in Chicago is one of the nicest and most interesting golf range near me options out there. It’s visually appealing, but it also delivers an extremely high quality experience. People that love golf will find the putting green and the service here excellent. They put a lot of work and commitment into making this really powerful and reliable, and in the end that’s the thing that really matters the most. The overall value and quality brought to the table is second to none. And it’s nice to see that they do provide so many features and great quality at such an affordable price.

Great golf driving range

The main focus for the Diversey Driving Range is to bring you a nice and fun golfing experience where you can relax and just enjoy your time. And they do that very well, by bringing in a tremendous attention to detail and value all the time. They definitely know how to make players feel great and just enjoy their time. You have a great selection of features here, and the best part is that you can enjoy them as you see fit.

The Diversey Driving Range was initially a 9 hole golf course until the late 40s. So yes, this driving range near me has been around for quite some time. nowadays it has a lot of amazing conveniences and features. That includes a synthetic turf range, 18 holes, as well as two synthetic putting green options. They also have multiple covered heated hitting mat areas. If you are passionate about golfing then there’s always something new and fresh to enjoy and see here. Which is what really matters the most. It delivers a great value and quality, and at the same time it doesn’t make it too hard to play.

Another thing to note about this golf driving range is that it has a great upper hitting deck. You can play on the floor side, or you can go on the upper deck if you want. This gives you amazing views of Downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, Diversey Harbor or the Lake Michigan itself.

Professional PGA instruction

When you want to play golf on a putting green you do need to improve your game and it makes sense to hire a pro. That’s why the Diversey Driving Range has its own PGA instructor. That’s great because you have the opportunity to work with a professional. And something like this really pushes the boundaries and takes things to the next level. It’s a creative and unique opportunity, something that does pay off big time especially if you check it out and give it a try.

You can get the lessons without a problem. And the best part is that not only are there beginner lessons, but they have lessons for intermediate and advanced players too. They even cover group lessons and clinics too. Which makes it even better for just about any player to enjoy the experience and improve their game. Even if you’re new you can still enjoy the way you play and just have fun for a change. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but you might end up having a great way to boost how you play. And this golf driving range near me is very exciting and easy to enjoy. It brings a relaxing and fun experience all the time, no matter the situation.

Great event location

What a lot of people don’t know about this golf driving range is that they are actually offering the venue for various events. So if you want to create some community gatherings, fundraisers and so on, this is a good place for you. Prices are discussed based on your own requirements and date. But they are fair and you will have a great event location, that’s for sure. It just goes to show how amazing this location is for events and the fact that they are actively offering it for events is just an incredible opportunity to say the least.

Multiple programs to choose from

They have the player advantage card that allows you to play for as much time as you want during the day, you have some discounts and other features in there as well. And they also give you access to monthly promotions. If you go for the Play and practice program, you can play for the membership and it gives you unlimited golf early morning or after 3 PM, which is really nice. They give you some great features and the prices as a whole are very fair, which is always nice to have from a location like this to begin with.

They also have a very interesting junior program. If you want to teach your child about the masterful art of golfing, then you can do that. This driving range near me has all the features and benefits you want and it definitely brings in front some unique ideas to the table. They are very creative, professional and you will appreciate how much work they place into everything here.

Should you play golf at the Diversey Driving Range?

Absolutely, if you’re near Chicago and you want a great putting green experience and some amazing golf driving range features, this is the best. It’s not that expensive, and the personnel here is very easy to work with. On top of that, the view is stunning and you can also get a membership if you want. Or you can just come here and play from time to time. It’s definitely one of the better ways to enjoy the game and you will appreciate the tremendous support.
This is a very diverse driving range with some extraordinary features attached to it. If you are very passionate about playing golf, then you will find this to be one of the best places to check it out and give it a try. Rest assured that you will have lots of options and ways to play the game you love so much!

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