Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media UK

Virgin media is one of the largest British phone, internet and cable TV providers based in Hook, Hampshire. Being the subsidiary of Liberty Global which is an international telecommunications company based in London, originally Virgin was the very first UK company that started to offer telecom packages offering phone (fixed and mobile phone) , internet ( broadband) and cable TV services all in one. This is also called quadruple play.

The name Virgin is no accident though. The company, formerly known as NTL founded in 2006 does have connections with Virgin airlines through a deal made with the airline back in 2006 providing license for the company to provide services being part of the international Virgin brand. The rebranding lasted one year.

Today, the huge company has its very own fiber optic cable network if only on street cabinet level. The company has over 4 million subscribers for its joint and single packages and with this it is listed among the 7 largest telecommunications companies in the UK alongside O2, Vodafone, Sky, Three, EE, BT Group and TalkTalk many of which rather concentrate on mobile phone services.

Quick facts: Latest yearly revenue: 6.4 billion USD Total number of subscribers: 5.2 million Total number of cable service subscribers: 12.9 Million Total number of homes having any sort of contract with the company: 13.1 Million The cable services are offered and can be purchased by roughly 30% of the total homes in the area of the United Kingdom. The most important service it provides from a business perspective is the internet subscription.

Extra services include:

  • Enhanced video services
  • Premium channels – pay per view channels
  • 117 real-time video channels which can be watched anywhere in the area of UK with broadband internet connection. ( VoD service)
  • DVR services and electronic program guide
  • High profile Tivo platform with managing possibilities through desktop or mobile device.
  • High quality streaming service specifically for players
  • Extensive hot-spot network that can be accessed by every subscribers all across the country which even includes the subway system.
  • Specialized business services compact customized telecommunication packages for big companies including data center, cloud system, call-center services for all its customers.
  • Currently Virgin Media has the largest next generation fiber optic network

All in all, we are talking about a highly professional collection of services which anyone can purchase (who is at an area where they can actually get connected to Virgin Media as the coverage is not yet total). If you want to learn more about all the packages from the minimum to the maximum ones check out the details on the official website of the company. All in all, Virgin Media is a very competent company which is sure to grow in the near future.