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Sky is one of the largest broadcasters today, not only in the UK but in the whole world. It has played a revolutionary role in today’s TV broadcasting and in its quality and it just keeps bringing new things on the table counting from its founding in 1990 when it has become the first ever pay per view TV providers. You can find all their details on the website

Today Sky has tons of novelties as in its tools as in its business approach so let’s get to see some of the key milestones in the company’s history spiced up with some notable characteristics too.

  • In 1989 Sky first came on the scene featuring 2 special movie channels Sky Movies and The Movie channel both of which were encrypted and strictly pay per view. The two channels are later on joined by Sky Sports.

  • 1993 the company launched its first Sky Multi-channels package which was then viewed as a real one of a kind deal.

  • The package featured a great diversity of entertaining channels and a good choice of programs also from 3rd party providers.

  • 1998 Sky Digital the first digital TV package is being launched-

  • Holding the majority of sport deals out of all TV channels from the 2000s

  • The purchase of broadband internet provider Easynet in 2011 that enabled Sky to come out with its own set of package offers

  • Sky Anytime – the first movie „rental” service offered by a TV channel is released.

  • Sky Go specifically for gamers’ platforms first including Xbox 360 today including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

  • Purchase of O2 telecommunications company alongside Be’s services. Be is the company that used to provide high-caliber broadband services for a mobile giant called Telefonica, therefore this deal was very important and helped Sky to roll out G4.

  • Today Sky has probably the best broadband fiber optic services via BT Openreach.

  • Sky was among the first ones to ever launch HD (High Definition) out of all the cable TV suppliers back in 2006.

  • Sky had started to actually broadcast 3D movies from 2010.

  • In 2015 the company announced Sky Q packages (Q, Silver and Q Mini) alongside a broadband router paired up with mobile applications, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and Power Line functionality crowned by a touch sensitive remove control. The final release happened in 2016 today Sky Q is offered by default with all the TV packages.

  • Sky is currently working on its UHD (Ultra High definition) channels and it has already started to broadcast some of its sports program with this technology.

These are just some of the milestones in the history of this huge TV Company but we can be rest assured that there is more to come in the future as Sky is a non-stop developer of future TV technologies.